Best Tattoo Removal: Here’s What To Know

Best Tattoo Removal: Here’s What To Know When Considering It.

As we take our journey through life, we make some really dumb decisions. It seems inevitable that we must go through these as a way of learning life lessons. Sometimes these decisions can be made without any thought process that we just react and do. Sometimes they at times can be nothing and never really affect your life. It was just dumb and you don’t do it again… or maybe you do.

Some of them can carry a consequence that may be hard to remove from your life, and what I talk about is a tattoo you may have gotten. Oh yes, it happens. You look at a tattoo you have and ask yourself where you thinking? Believe me, I know. I wrote an article tattoos getting your first one, and my first one was definitely a what was I thinking?

Years ago if you were unhappy with your ink, there was no method of getting rid of it. If a word was misspelled or the tattoo itself was botched, you had to live with it and hopefully it was placed where you could hide it. Today in this modern world, there are ways of removing a tattoo you no longer want. But at what price?

Today let’s take a journey into the world of tattoo removal and let’s see what you should know when considering it. I will go into some of the different methods and if they work. So grab your beverage… no wait let’s go to Starbucks, my treat, and we’ll sit down and talk about tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal Creams: Do they Work?

Tattoo Removal creams can be bought in a lot of places over the counter and are reasonably priced. Ah, but is it that easy to just go buy a cream and rub some on the ol tattoo and poof- gone? Let’s talk about the different creams shall we?

Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) is the most common active ingredient found in tattoo removal creams. An acidic chemical that causes your skin to peel and shed and allows for the regrowth of new skin.

Hydroquinone creams have been used for things such as helping to fade liver and age spots by means of impeding the body’s melanin and by reducing the melanin, the spots fade as would a tattoo.

Natural Creams: There are some natural creams out there that use ingredients such as lemon grass as the active ingredient to peel the skin away.


Do they work? As I wrote in my article tattoo inks expand your knowledge, I shared how inks are made up of pigments that go deep into the skin. Your body sees it as a foreign substance and your Immune System’s white blood cells go to work on fighting off the pigments, trying to break them up. The pigments being big, the white cells over time can start to break them up causing your ink to fade, but cannot completely break them down.

Tattoo creams penetrate mainly the top layer of skin, really only resulting in your tattoo to fade and not completely disappear. So maybe you’ll be the lucky one and it works, but no there is no concrete evidence that they do.

Surgically Remove That Tattoo

Yes you heard that right, surgically remove them. The two ways I am about to describe really would not be on my top list as alternatives.

Dermabrasion: A deep exfoliation done with a fast moving wire brush to remove the skin. Let me tell you that unless you like pain, this is not for you. I had the same type of procedure done as a boy.

I had fallen out of a car and was dragged about a 100 feet. At the hospital, the doctor had to do the same procedure with the wire brush to get all the embedded gravel out. That is a pain I will never forget and you risk terrible scarring with this procedure.

Cutting out the tattoo: A doctor can cut out the tattoo and stitch it up which can leave a scar. A big tattoo piece can also be done, but a skin graph may need to be done which entails a piece of skin from another part of your body being removed and stitched into place where the tattoo has been removed.

Saline: It has been known for some tattoo artists to tattoo saline into the ink to break up the pigments. It is known that this can be done only on older tattoos, and the result is usually just fading enough to be able to use a concealer to cover it.

Laser Removal

Laser removal is the most sought after method for successfully removing a tattoo. The process uses a high intensity light beam which breaks up the tattoo ink pigments- black ink being the easiest. For colors, selected lasers are used to break up the pigments. You also must be prepared for multiple sessions, some of which can take up to 6 months to a year for completion. There is pain involved with laser removal.

Note: Some Doctors will have you use a cream to fade the tattoo to make the laser removal process easier.




Picosure: A new technology in laser removal. Unlike your typical laser removal, this doesn’t rely just on heat alone to break up the ink pigments. It uses short bursts of energy without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. Each session will last about ten minutes. The pain involved for this procedure is minimized compared to regular laser removal.

This Will Cost You

So with tattoo removal, except for the creams, it’s going to cost you some money. The prices of these procedures vary, but I will tell you it’s not cheap. Some doctors ask for the money up front before any procedure is done. I did some research, and looks like insurance won’t cover it unless you and your doctor can show that a medical reason is the need for removal.

Think Hard About It

So there you go, these are some of the ways that you can have a tattoo removed, or at least try to. A lot of thought should go into getting a tattoo before you get it. Your career, if you’re going to be happy with it, and if you may regret it later in life. All these things must be thought out before you sit in that ink chair. Remember these are things to consider to avoid having to get one removed later down the road.

I hope you enjoyed our chat as much as I have, and as always, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Rock your Journey,


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14 Replies to “Best Tattoo Removal: Here’s What To Know”

  1. Hey David!

    I didn’t know about some of these procedures for tattoo removal and I had no idea there are skin creams now. I have a tattoo that I considered having removed by way of covering it up with a larger piece but that is the only option I’ve considered.

    I’m not squeamish but some of those removal procedures make my skin crawl, especially taking a wire brush to it. So yep, I’m all about a cover-up tattoo before any of those.

    Out of curiosity what were some of the prices you were quoted for tattoo removal?

    Thanks for sharing and as always I learn something new from you every time!

    1. Hello Tina. Thank you for taking the time to read my article. The procedures to remove tattoos does have some pain involved. Some of the prices can range between $90 to $400. Size and how many sessions it will take to remove it are part of price determination. Yes I agree a cover up is the way to go if you still want to wear ink. I’m very happy you always learn something new here. Thank you for visiting and hope you will continue to return for more articles.
      Best Wishes,

  2. what a very informative article.
    I have a friend who just did a tattoo removal he was complaining about the pain you get when it is being removed.
    He said they used some other lotion (i think he was talking about the cream) and said it is better to not even remove the tattoo.

    I am glad I found this article because I will let him know about the laser method.

    Thanx again

    1. Hello Thabo. Thank you for taking the time to read my article. Not knowing what procedure your friend had, but all removals will involve some pain. Thank you for visiting and hope you will return for future articles.
      Best Wishes,

  3. Really good post, David, and I think will be much needed. There are many people out there that have a tattoo and wished they didn’t. But I see after reading your post that they have options for removal. When people find out an easy way that they can be removed I would say they will go for it.

    1. Hello Fred. Thank you for taking the time to read my article. I do agree many people down the road for various reasons decide a tattoo is not for them and today they do have options. Thank you for visiting and hope you will return for future articles.
      Best Wishes,

  4. Hey David,

    Great article. Well researched and very in-depth piece. I seriously loved your comment at the end. “Think hard before getting a tattoo”. I lot of thought and questions should be answered before getting one…or many 🙂


    1. Hello Steven. Thank you for taking the time to read my article. Thank you for the kind words. As someone with many tattoos and the love of the art I always remind people you really need to think about it before you commit. Thank you for visiting and hope you will return for future articles.
      Best Wishes,

  5. That’s a very thorough review and certainly gives me a few options to think about, as I have a small tattoo that I’d like to get removed.
    I was wondering if you think there would be any benefit in using a fading cream first and then having it laser removed?

    1. Hello Helen. Thank you for taking the time to read my article. Thank you I’m happy you enjoyed my article. Yes some places will ask you to use a cream to fade the ink, To help make the laser removal easier. Thank you for visiting and hope you will return for future articles.
      Best Wishes,

  6. Thanks for this overview of ink removal methods. Didn’t really know about the creams, but as you pointed out, they are not worth trying. Turns out, only laser removal is effective and pain-tolerable. Do you know what the average price is per session?

    1. Hello Felix. Thank you for taking the time to read my article. Laser removal is the most effective way. As far as prices it varies I’ve seen anywhere from $90 to $465 a session. It all depends on size and how much time it will take to remove it. Thank you for visiting and hope you will return for future articles.
      Best Wishes,

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