About David

Hello, and welcome to Rockstar tattoo equipment and Supplies. Tattoos have been a passion of mine since the early age of eleven. Growing up playing the drums, one thing I loved was all my music idols’ artwork. I would look through tattoo magazines dreaming of the day I would finally get my first tattoo.

I knew my first tattoo would make me feel like a Rockstar. I would do Rockstar poses in front of the mirror after drawing. Sharpie Marker tattoos on myself.

My Tattoo life

Growing up in the eighties and living in a small town in CT, there were not any tattoo shops around. At nineteen years old I moved to Maryland and the first thing I did was received my first tattoo. Boy, was I nervous, because I didn’t know if it would be painful or not. As soon as the needle hit my skin, I was hooked.

I was so fascinated with the tools and the process of performing a tattoo. That was when I truly realized that tattooing is pure art. I was amazed to see the hours that the tattoo artists put in to create their work, as well as the pride they take in it.

As I get compliments on my tattoos, I always say I wish my tattoo artist was here because that’s who deserves all the compliments.

The Tattoo world has changed

Today Tattoo shops are popping up on every block. The competition has gotten bigger and tougher. Tattoo artists have to work longer and harder to keep clients coming in the doors. Tattoos have evolved tremendously from brighter colors, 3D work and profiles so realistic.

Due to the internet, clients are coming up with all kinds of wild tattoo work that they want done. Each piece of completed work tells a story and has meaning to each individual client. Back in the early years, bikers and rockstars wore the art, but today just about anyone you see has tattoo art on their body.

You are the artist and the creator

When you are creating your art, you don’t want your equipment quitting on you or to run out of supplies. One does not want to spend endless hours searching for equipment and supplies when you can be creating art and making money. My way of giving back to the tattoo world is doing the work for you. I search for the best equipment and supplies at great prices without compromising quality.

Any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to ask

Wishing you all the success,